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This domain www.bbc-clement.es is property of Clement S.A. (refered to here in as CLEMENT), with C.I.F A--28283067 and is a registered trademark addressed in Madrid, Santibañez de Bejar, 6.

This site is created to provide the Internet users all the information about the varied and different services that we disposed. Whoever the user that visits this site must know and accept the following terms and conditions:

FIRST.- The user is compromised to use this web and its services according to the terms exposed on it, and is obliged to make no use involving activities against law and moral.

The access to this site is exclusive responsibility of the user, exempting CLEMENT from any responsibility for viruses or any other technical failures that may cause any problem or damage, even in your system and neither to the damage caused by other users introducing illegal contents without CLEMENT permission or due to misusage of this site.

SECOND.- The information included in the site is valid from the last update, keeping to CLEMENT the faculty to update, change, remove information from the site or limit and deny access to the contents.

Likewise CLEMENT, keeps the right to make as many changes and modifications as they consider appropriated, of both the web and the general terms and conditions. This action can be taken at any time and with no previous notice only by CLEMENT. The unilateral modifications made by CLEMENT in the terms of use of this website must be made public on it, taking into effect since then.

THIRD.- CLEMENT is not responsible for the possible mistakes in the content of the website, however, if it were any discrepancy of price or any other question, between the web content and the printed version, will prevail this. CLEMENT is neither responsible for the information that user could get from a hyperlink to a third party site, in a direct or indirect way through his website. This kind of links are not in any case recommended by CLEMENT, they only can be reach though his website with an informatory character. CLEMENT keeps the right to remove this kind of links of his website at any time and with no previous notice and also the faculty to deny the access to his website to those that introduce information against law and moral, taking the opportune legal actions against this behaviour.

FOURTH.- This website is created with a business and information use, remaining prohibited its operation, modification, distribution, reproduction, publication and the hand over of the use, without the total consent and agreement of CLEMENT. The user only have the possibility of download the web content for his own and personal use.

CLEMENT is the unique owner of the copyright and trademarks including the software. All of them as logos, symbols, services, brands and products are protected with effective laws in order to make the users ask for written consent to CLEMENT to use them.

This agreement is submitted to the Courts of Madrid, and the users agree to renounce any other Courts or Laws that may affect them.

FITH.- The information provided and personal data will be included in the CLEMENT data base, and it is treated as confidential. It is only used to bring you up to date information on different offers from Barajas Business Center and Clement Enterprise Group. If you agree or wish to cancel your data as per law (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de diciembre), please inform us by registered post to the following address: Clement, S.A., Santibañez de Bejar, 6 (28042 MADRID) SPAIN

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