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Business Center in Madrid (Spain)

In Barajas Business Center we have bet for the most advanced technologies combined with the facility of use, in order that today’s businessmen does not lose any time in auxiliary matters and could dedicate all time to creating or increase value for the company.

That’s why we offer the most advanced services as:

Completely Furnished Office
In BBC we offer the option to form your desk room as you like. We have a wide catalogue of furniture to fulfill to 100 % the needs of our clients. Tables, winged-tables, meeting tables, furniture file cabinets, high furniture, cupboards with safety lock, etc. Only say us what are your needs and your office will be formed on them.

Private Phone Number
Every office has its particular telephone number. You can get all the extensions that you need associated to this number. Our manageable switchboard will entrust itself of all the traffic of calls, beech the volume of traffic that exists. In addition, if you need some additional number of telephone or want to have your own fax in the office, it will be available in a record time.

Custom Call Answer Service
The terminal of your office is completely configurable. You decide the way to operate. Only have to say what you need. You can receive your calls directly in your office or make them been filtered through the main switchboard and our secretary will attends all callings in your company’s name and under your instructions. In addition, you have the option to receive the calls directly the office and in case of absent, the call will bounce to our switchboard in order that our secretary takes note of every message while you are not available.

Redirection Call Service
Are you going to be out of your office and need to redirect your calls to your mobile phone or to another telephone number? No problem. Just dial a code in your terminal, followed by the number where you want to turn the call, and you will keep in continuous direct communication with all your customers or suppliers. Easy, fast and simple.

Use of the Center Fax, Copier and Printers
Actually time is fundamental for your business. And one way to take advantage of it is not to lose it in auxiliary processes to your principal activity. For this reason, in BBC we have the most advanced machines with the latest technology. For the fax, copier and scanning works, our client will have a secret code for his exclusive use. Just type it in the keyboard on each machine and will be able to start operating. No waits or losses of time. The scanned documents are sent directly to your e-mail address. In addition, our printers are connected to Center´s network. Just order from your computer and your printings will be available immediately for the printer selected to the size that you need DIN-A4 or DIN-A3. Software of management will allow knowing at any time the accumulated expense that goes of all these services

Access to Internet Broadband LAN / WIFI
In your office you will have so many network points as you need. Through them you will be able to access to both of two Internet connections of the Center, as the same to access to all printers. We have several manageable switches that delimit the Bandwidth for every office. Neither nothing nor nobody will affect to the performance of your Internet connection, which will be the best at every time. If you need more Bandwidth, just make us know it and you will have it immediately. In addition, if you prefer, you can connect to Internet across our WiFi broadband, available in the entire area of the Center.

Private Network Infrastructure in the Office
The independence of the Network is one of the most important things in every business. This provides the safety that your information needs. Nobody will be able to access to your network from outside. We have an advanced Firewall in order that all information should be protected from external assaults to your Private Network. Because the information it all nowadays. In addition, you will have very competitive price in computer personalized maintenance service, so you will be able to resolve any doubts or consultations that you needs in real time. With a user's name and a password, you can have access to remote immediate assistance; in order that nothing can stop you. The whole protection that your business needs joined the facility of use.

Access to Office by Magnetic Card
You will not have to take any more keys of which already carry. The lock of the office is unblocked by a magnetic card. You will have all those you need, in order that your personnel will not have to wait for you to start to work. In addition this system allows us to take a control of access. Just have to ask for it and you will know at what day and time your office door was opened. This system, together with the security cameras, can assure the maximum safety of your office.

Access to Center 24 Hrs./7 Days a Week by Magnetic Band Codified Card With Activation/Deactivation of Alarm
We provide a card with magnetic band codified with activation / deactivation of alarm, which allows you to access to the Center at any hour of the day and of the night, any day of the week. With no waits and without giving explanations. Just pass your card through a card reader installed by the main gate of the Center. Our system of alarm will identify you and simultaneously that opens the door for allow entrance, will disconnect the alarm of the corridors and of your office, which will allow you to work with full performance, having complete access to all the services of the Center.

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