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Virtual Office

What is a Virtual Office?
It is one of the adavantages you can get in our Business Center. You can locate your address without any need to own a physical space. We offer different modalities of Domiciliations of Societies:: Basic, Business y Business Plus, each of them with its own certain services, depending on the needs of the client. This allows to give a representative head office in Madrid and get the benefit from the saving of not using a physical office at the same time.
What services are included in the Domiciliation of Societies?
In BBC Clement © we offer you the most complete services for Domiciliations of Societies you can find in Madrid. You will have complete access to the attention area for clients, where you will have the chance to request administrative tasks. In addition you have our a zone of reception in which you can attend your clients. Depending on the modality of Domiciliation you will have receipt of correspondence with private and exclusive mailbox, customized attention of your phone calls, even in the name of your company, and under your own instructions,use of the meeting room some hours a month, etc.
What kind of company is it well-considered for?
Usually, this service of Domiciliation is requested by companies of small size that need to have a good image and presence and to want to avoid to announce a particular adress to its clients. The staff of our Center will attend your phone calls as same as if you were physically in the office, in a personalized and customized way, and under the name of your company, and if you need, will redirect them away to any number that you wish. Only our staff will know that you are not physically at your office.
Why reserve a meeting Room in Barajas Business Center?
Our meeting room offers you a highly professional environment. It is fully equipped with projector,Internet access,blackboard,projection screen, etc. You will be able to rely on the different services that we offer to our clients, like a catering service, technical assistance, previous printing of documents, presentations, welcome and host of your assistants and guest, etc.
What class of meetings can to take place in the Meeting Room?
You can coordinate meetings with your clients or with your staff. Presentations of your products to your clients and customers, training courses for your personnel, conferences, etc. The space will be adapted to the client demands, and will be provided with the necessary services to create the most suitable environment to your purposes.
What modality of Domiciliation of society is the more suitable for my company?
Our staff and personnel in Barajas Business Center will be be charmed to attend you and help you to choose the best modality of domiciliation of society that will adapts the most to the needs of your company.
What would happen if my company grows up and then I need a physical space?
In BBC Clement © Barajas Business Center we know that in the times we live, the flexibility is one of the most important characteristics that must have a company built-in. If tomorrow your needs change, we will change with you. If you need to have a physical space, we will be absolutely charmed in provide you one of our offices with preferential prices.
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