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Offices for Rent

¿Why not to rent a conventional office?
Most important advantage of a Business Center is immediacy and flexibility. In a conventional office you have to spend too much time and money in installing and configure your work place. Buying furniture, searching secretaries, register light, phone, ADSL, etc. are boring steps that however a Business Center provides you from the first moment. You go into your office and start to work.
Do you have the office that I need?
BBC Business Center contains 18 offices that will be configured as you want. From 1 desk to 8 desks, so you will only use the space you need.
What if my needs change?
One of best things of a Business Center is flexibility. You only pay things you use. If your needs change, we will change with you. Maybe you will need a bigger office or, because a diversification strategy you will need to go to other city and contract a Virtual Office in our Business Center. We can do all these changes in a few minutes.
Can I choose my office configuration?
BBC Business Center provides you a catalogue of furniture at the time you contract your office so you adapt your word place as you want. Tall pieces of furniture, meeting tables, etc. are at your disposal.
Do I have to contribute any equipment?
You do not have to install anything. Phone, Internet, printers, copiers, etc. are some of the equipment we have in our Business Center at our customer´s disposal. Without cost and waiting.
When can I start to use my office?
In BBC Business Center you can start to use your office at the same time you sign the contract. At that moment, we provide you a magnetic card for entering your office and another 24 hours / 7 days per week for entering the Business Center. As easy as checking a hotel room.
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