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BBC Clement © is a new business area of Clement Co. After making a strategic planning in hotels (Clement Hoteles) and food and restaurants (La Fachada Restaurant), Clement begins to study to open a new business branch: the first Business Center.

After a few years unused and empty, and seeing a chance of business, it´s proposed to start exploiting a floor placed in a building close to Ifema's environment. Continuing with the good making of the Group and its positioning throught Quality, a plan of viability is developed and Clement begins BBC's run.

With a lot of implication and dedicatión, the main business centers are studied, analyzing their virtues and faults in order to determine and orientate what personality would have our first Business Center. Once known several Centers, the orientation that BBC would have is finally decided: A Center that was joining in the same space the quality that always have identified to the Clement Group and a family way treatment, making on our own the problems of our clients.

The following crucial step was to find the person who was at the lead of this new project. The looked profile had to adapt to Clement's values joined an agreeable treatment towards the client with a high level of technical knowledge that a Center like that needs day by day. Then was managed to contact with Jorge Luis Cerezo, who from the very first moment has been completely implied and involved for going out forward this idea.

The loyalty of our clients is our goal, trying to avoid a high rotation. And BBC's Barajas Business Center is that our clients feel satisfied with our work and our people, so they only have to worry about the main really important thing: their own work and their own business.

Our mission remains the same and day by day we learn to improve it thanks to the nearby relationships that we have with all our clients, who feel with the sufficient confidence to make suggestions to improve ourselves as same as our management, our service and our mission, always looking for the continuous improvement and greeding.

For us it is a great pleasure your presence in our Business Center and see growing your business, because your growth is our growth.

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